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The Ubiquitous Links Page

Here's a load of stuff either relating to music or not. If anyone has anything they reckon should be included here then let me know.


Groups, Collectives & DJs
209Radio - Cambridge-based streamed electro, electronica, dnb, nu-skool breaks, hiphop & more, most Tuesdays 8-10pm
Bad Sneakers - Cambridge electro-acoustic stuff
Bad Timing - Cambridge elctronica, loops, distortion events regularly at The Portland Arms and Boat Race
Cadre - Cross-genre dark dance tunes
Charlie Don't Surf - Cambridge leftfield electronica
Cyclone Productions - Dark jungle tunes from a Cambridge-based crew
Digital Disco - Web/real life digital music, art, broadcasting etc.
Digital Warfare - Cambridge based dark electronica
Donkey Valium - Electronic beats, breaks, drum & bass, noise....also to be found here
Dynamism - Local house and techno sound system and dj collective with a hard edge
HoraceX - Longtime Cambridge techno-folk-fluoro-madness band
Keiretsu - Durham-based nu-skool/drum & bass/folk/jazz/funk/psy-trance crossover band. Very fine - sample tracks available on the website
Kris Noble - Hard NRG DJ
DJ Largo - Deep/funky/tech-house/breaks DJ
Loop Soup - Eclectic range of artists from electronica to hip-hop, funk to avant-rock
Loud Leper Music - Cambridge/London-based electronica label
LetsAveIt.com - Local DJ/sound system info and chat
MrWhippy - Hardhouse Cambridge crew
Premier 88.6 - house, techno, trance, drum & bass radio station
Psybernetic - Psybernetic - local psy-trance
R*P*E*E*A*T - Indie/alternative gig & band info fanzine
Rude Awakening & Breakge - Drum & bass crew
Rosedale Electric Chord Orchestra - Cambridge funk driven grooves
SystemX - Cambridge long-standing techno/tech-house/breakbeat crew
Tripel - Cambridge-based electronica label
Access All Area - Trance, Psychedelic, Goa and Acid Techno/Rave labels and events
Naem - hip-hop electro funk live technological gubbins
Listings sites
Dale's London Techno Listings - Top site if planning an excursion to the Big City!
Music buying & tune downloading
Streetwise Music - King St, Cambridge
CDDance - Online dance music ordering run by Simon Ryan of Streetwise Music
Choci's Chewns - London
Music services
Patchwork Music - PA, sound engineer hire, recording studio etc etc
Sub-Sound.com - Studio/concert recording, PA hire, concert production, sound engineering
Raoul Plimer - 4.5K PA for hire. Contact rplimer@hotmail.com. Here's a piccie!
Possibly of interest, possibly not

News & views
Urban75 - Brixton-based alternative news & action
Friends' Corners of the Web
Computer-related stuff
GRC.com - How secure is your PC on the internet?
Security/privacy newsgroups available on news server news.grc.com or online at grc.com/discussions.htm - check out grc.privacy & grc.security
RISKS list - Technology doesn't always work!
ZoneLabs - Produce the free software internet firewall ZoneAlarm

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